About Us

OBJECTIVE was co-founded by Edison Chen and Jakuan Melendez with the idea of creating, designing, and manufacturing high-end art objects. Jakuan helmed the craze of vinyl toys and set the production standard in the industry when starting the 360 Toy Group back in 1999. His creations are recognized as art pieces rather than just toys, as the figures are embedded with Jakuan’s views of politics and life. The mass production of his works also ingeniously sparks the yearning of art and vinyl toys, and helped pave the way for the culture and industry of art collectibles.

Jakuan has befriended, mentored, advised and collaborated verbally, visually and creatively with the following titans of the industry:


  • Bounty Hunter 
  • Medicom (since 1994) 
  • Silas 
  • Mad Hectic 
  • Bathing Ape /Nigo 
  • Futura 
  • Eric So 
  • Brian Donnelly (aka Kaws) 
  • Nike 
  • Disney
  • Supreme
  • MTV 
  • The Estate of Keith Haring 


While he has never stopped creating art, Objective Collectibles has brought Jakuan full circle with his return to creating high-end collectible objects with business partner Edison Chen.